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Aloha Green is a multi-generational family-owned company established in 1998. The company manages over 2000 acres on the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island. Grounded in its roots as an agricultural based company, Aloha Green has emerged as a prominent advocate for the revitalization of economic conditions and positive community supported change.


Aloha Green has a deep seeded history in agriculture and strives to honor the aina (land) in all its business practices. All Aloha Green properties are located on the Hamakua Coast, an area blessed with ideal climate conditions, deep nutritious soil, and plentiful rainfall.

Plant Nursery

Hawaii, more specifically Hawaii Island, is known throughout the plant world for having high quality plant material and product. The rich volcanic soil and year round tropical climate are the primary reasons for this unmatched quality. Aloha Green owns and operates a 40 acre tropical foliage farm and shade house growing operation that is committed to supplying plants at the highest standard.

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Tropical Fruit Orchard

Aloha Green owns and manages a 30 acre tropical fruit orchard. The majority of this fruit is longan, rambutan, and lychee, all of which are either sold to local markets, or exported to mainland markets.

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Grass Fed Beef

Ranching is another exciting industry that Aloha Green is proud to be involved in. In a time when chemically injected foods are the norm, discerning markets are demanding higher quality products. Aloha Green meets that need by raising cattle on naturally grown pasture. Our grass fed cattle roam free on our 2300 acre Ranch on the Hamakua Coast.

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Opportunities for Other Farmers

Aloha Green is engaged in land stewardship, commercial/industrial development and leasing, and agricultural leasing. Aloha Green provides land and opportunities to new agricultural businesses ensuring the diversity of this industry. By offering a sound infrastructure, varied soil types, and favorable land lease terms, Aloha Green is dedicated to moving our island towards the sustainability that is essential for Hawaii's future.

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Smart Development

As a responsible land steward, Aloha Green has a long range vision for a balanced community using principles of sustainability and planned development. Aloha Green focuses on direct settlement patterns that are viable and connected. We choose to honor Hamakua's historic and cultural assets by concentrating new development in existing, walkable, mixed-use town centers while limiting rural sprawl. The company's vision includes a mix of agriculture, commercial, office, industrial, residential and conservation uses with a strong focus on the surrounding communities.

The Principles

Aloha Green strives to meet the cultural, social, and economic needs of the Hamakua community. Our vision for the Hamakua Coast is directly in line with that of the long range Hamakua Community Development Plan. Please refer to the Hamakua Community Development Plan website to learn more about the principles and objectives that Aloha Green would like to help realize.

The long-range vision for Aloha Green is to support the revitalization of the economy and serve as a positive catalyst for growth and economic sustainability while balancing the needs of Aloha Green, Hawaii County, and the East Hawaii community at large.

The Philosophy

The Aloha Green business philosophy is based upon principles of a worldwide model of planned communities called "Smart Growth". These principles require that governmental agencies, community planners and developers work together to create growth management strategies to conserve special open spaces, greenbelts, historic sites, and cultural and natural resources while achieving the collective's long term goals and business objectives.

Community Connections

  • Chairman of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (1990), Steve encouraged business leaders to support the creation of new local economic opportunities for small businesses.
  • Alaska's Young Entrepreneur of the Year (1989) - US Small Business Administration
  • Chairman of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (1990)  - "Steve encouraged business leaders to support the creation of new economic opportunities for small businesses by creating efforts such as the Buy Alaska campaign"
  • Founder of Green Star, a non-profit organization, based in Anchorage, Alaska, that encourages businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention through education, technical assistance, and an award-winning voluntary "green business" certification program.
  • Co-founder of the E' Malama Aina Sustainability Festival - Hawaii Island
  • Steve was recognized as the "Land Steward of the Year" (2004) as well as the "Farmer of the Year" (2002) by the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Aloha Green has contributed both capital and in-kind resources to the Hilo-Hamakua community including, the land and temple to the Honohina Hongwanji Missions of Hawaii in 2010 as well as the Hakalau Jodo Mission.

At the age of 18, Aloha Green proprietor Steve Shropshire already had an idea of what he wanted to create when he left his family home in Florida and pursued his professional interest in Alaska. With perserverance and determination, Steve proceeded to create Green Connection, which remains today as one of the largest plant businesses in Alaska. It was there that Steve became familiar with the Big Island when he began importing tropical plants to meet the growing US mainland market demand for tropical foliage.

"What I could see was the superior quality of the plants grown in Hawaii, particularly on the Big Island. The combination of nutrient rich top soil and volcanic cinder, coupled with the right balance of tropical rain and sunshine provided a perfect climate for the production of strong, healthy green plants," said Shropshire. After his first trip to the Big Island, Steve knew that someday he would call Hawaii home.

In 1998, Steve sold Green Connection, moved to Hawaii, started Aloha Green and began exporting tropical foliage to the Far East and US Mainland. Seeing opportunities in other markets, Aloha Green has continued to diversify its business practices through real estate development, land management, and new agricultural endeavors.

Throughout out it's history Aloha Green has been owned and operated by three generations of Shropshire's.

Jim was a career nurseryman who helped create and carry out the vision for Aloha Green. Jim's spirit and passion for agriculture and land stewardship lives on through our company motto of "environmental principles in practice." Click HERE for an article Jim wrote about his kokua for Hawaii and its people.

In 2011, Dylan completed his degree in International Business and Finance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He has since moved back to Hilo to manage the Aloha Green operations alongside his father.