Plant Nursery
Plant Nursery

Aloha Green grows several varieties of Dracaena on a 40-acre parcel over looking Hilo Bay.                                                                             

Planted in the early 2000's, the Hawaii nursery continues to produce the highest quality Dracaena in the world. In our half acre shade house we are able to sculpt our plants to the customer's needs.

The Process

Our plants are hand selected from our own fields, prepped, potted and shipped to allow for complete quality control. We strive to maintain proper soil nutrition and plant health during the entire process to ensure our costumers enjoy our plants for the longest duration possible.

Our potting mix contains natural Hawaiian lava cinders, which is delivered to us from the Southern part of Hawaii Island, and Canadian pete moss. This creates a very strong and sterile mix with no negative breakdown products.


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