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Hakalau has a long and storied history as a sugar plantation established in 1878 by Claus Spreckels.  Our vision for the Hakalau Plantation Community at Hakalau Point honors that history by welcoming the community back to the area with a mixed-use residential project that would include agriculture, restaurants, community spaces, and homes. Located just 15 minutes north of Hilo on the scenic Hamakau Coast, Hakalau is the heart of the island's agricultural belt.

The Hakalau Plantation Community will provide the local farmers that have been here for generations with a venue to sell their produce at farmer's markets, add value to their products at restaurants and through processing, and reach both locals and tourists directly. The Hakalau Plantation Community will also restore and preserve the historical values of Hakalau by educating people involved in the community.

The area which is just under 9 acres is currently zoned for industrial uses such as processing plants, storage facilities, lumber yards, and similar but could be much more usable for the local community as a mixed-use community.

Aloha Green and the Shropshire family have spent the past ten years getting to know the community while farming and living in the area, and are committed to building the best possible Hakalau Plantation for the community and area they have come to love. They have met with members of the community in an effort to ensure that all input was taken into account, and now are in the process of requesting a zoning change to allow for mixed-use residential.

For a side-by-side comparison of what can be done under current zoning and what could be done with a zoning change, click here (link to both renderings).

Much time and thought has gone into creating our vision for this special, important place, which is based on the following beliefs:

- Historic preservation

- Create a Community gathering place (farmers market, lookout, etc.

- Pop up business opportunities

- Support for locally grown products

- Rental housing opportunities

- Culture Ag and "adventure" (valley) tourism

- Value added agricultural production

- Services for local community (café, brewery, commercial kitchen)

- Educate and stimulate publich awareness about History and costal managment

All buildings would be created in traditional plantation style and would be LEED-certified. Potential businesses that we would like to consider for inclusion in the rezoned Hakalau Plantation would include those that add value to local agriculture, such as chocolate and coffee production, ginger and sweet potato projects, juices, and potentially farm-to-table restaurants, as well as a general store.