Property: Maulua Nui
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Maulua Nui Ranch is one of the most prestigious large acreage properties in all of Hawaii. The unparalleled combination of stunning scenery, privacy, fresh water springs, diverse vegetation,colorful and powerful history with approximately 17 seasonal waterfalls make Maulua Nui truly unique. Until 2005, this land remained in the hands of the original owners from the days of the Kamehameha monarchy with ownership passing down through several generations of men who served the Kamehameha Kings and to Queen Liliuokalani. Maulua Nui's incredible beauty, rich soil, diverse vegetation, and conservation distinction value provides a rare combination of attributes.

An extensive survey has been completed on the land, Maulua Nui Includes two TMK's, 1,236.78 acres zoned Ag 20 and 992.77 acres zoned Resource/Conservation with forests of mature Koa. The beauty of this land epitomizes and extends beyond the perfect vision of Hawaii to the first days of the creation of Hawaii. It is definitely one of a kind. Any owner would be blessed to, be the steward of this magical valley and, cherish and protect this valuable land.


Maulua Nui is home to over 150 head of cattle and is blessed with abundant rainfall, year round streams, fertile soil, and hundreds of acres of fenced paddocks, making it an ideal location for raising healthy happy cows. Please visit our Aloha Green Cattle page by clicking HERE

Land for Lease

Maulua Nui is the home to some of the deepest and most nutritious soil on the Hamakua Coast. If you are looking for vacant land for farming please contact by clicking HERE