Property: Papaikou
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With a long history in sugar, Papaikou continues its connection to the aina and is a very agircultural tied community. The location of this property is significant because of its close proximity to existing infrastructure. We hope to progress Papaikou forward through a future project here while staying true to the agricultural of the surrounding community. We are currently working closely with residents of Hamakua through the Hamakua Community Development Plan.

Tropical Fruit

A combination of the climate of Papaikou and its fertile soil allows us to grow some of most delicious tropical fruit availible in Hamakua. We grow longan, rambutan and lychee. Please visit our Aloha Green Tropical Fruit page by clicking HERE

Land for Lease

Papaikou is the home to some of the deepest nutrient rich soil on the Hamakua coast. If you are looking for vacant land for farming please contact us by clicking HERE